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Car emissions: high fines will deter carmakers from cheating

”We want to put in place a system of penalties for fraudulent behaviour with fines that are dissuasive and contribute to funding for specific EU projects and programmes that will improve air quality. After all, the problems with harmful emissions not only impact the owners of these cars, but the air we all breathe as citizens”, said Jens Gieseke MEP, Co-Rapporteur of the Resolution with recommendations following the work done over the past year in the Inquiry Committee into Emission Measurements in the Automotive Sector.

Besides the fines collected from car manufacturers for violating the rules, the EPP Group also calls for resources collected from infringement procedures launched against Member States that do not respect the EU rules on car emissions to be put into EU projects and programmes to improve air quality in general and in cities specifically.

The Inquiry Committee that was set up at the beginning of 2016 in the aftermath of the investigations into the emissions from Volkswagen diesel cars in the United States in September 2015, has now concluded its work.

Parallel to the work in the committee, the Internal Market Committee has worked on new efficient rules on the system for type approval of vehicles that citizens can trust. The well-documented scandals proved that the current system does not work. All parties agree that it is necessary to strengthen the EU side.

„The EPP Group was successful in preventing the setting-up of an EU agency which would only add more bureaucracy and would delay the entry-into-force of this new system for several years”, said Ivan Štefanec MEP, Shadow Rapporteur on the Report on type approval of vehicles. He added that for every month the new system is not yet in place, thousands of vehicles are still being sold under the old regime.

“Now we have agreed to strengthen the role of the European Commission which is the fastest way to improve the system in order to bring down the number of premature deaths caused by air pollution from road transport”, Štefanec concluded.

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