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Croatia’s Plenković — the only credible leader in Sunday’s elections
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As Croatian voters head to the polls on 11 September in a new round of parliamentary elections, European People’s Party (EPP) President Joseph DAUL made the following statement:
“Following my visit yesterday to Zagreb, Croatia, to support President Andrej PLENKOVIC in his election campaign, I am more than ever convinced that the centre-right Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) is in good and reliable hands. President Plenković has changed the HDZ since he was elected in July; he has worked hard to defend centre-right values and principles not only in Croatia but also in the European Parliament,” said the EPP President.
“Croatia needs real change, but this can only be delivered by a new, credible and competent leader. I have worked with President Plenković over the years, and he has always put the interest of the Croats first: he has always delivered results. His words have turned into concrete actions, and I am convinced that as a politically savvy leader, he will breathe life into the economy, re-establish trust in the justice system and show solidarity with people in need,” continued President Daul.
“I am proud that our member party HDZ was the party responsible for bringing Croatia into the European Union. Plenković will reinforce the European position of Croatia, and he will deliver for his people. Prosperity, stability and well-being for the people of Croatia will result from electing the credible new leader Plenković, not from the tried and failed track record of old politicians on the left,” the EPP President concluded.

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