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EPP calls for a peaceful second round of elections in Georgia, reiterates its support for UNM

The European People’s Party (EPP) followed closely the first round of Georgia’s parliamentary elections, held on 8 October. Ahead of the second round, to be held on 30 October, EPP President Joseph Daul made the following statement:
“On Sunday, the Georgian people must be able to cast their ballots peacefully. Violence, intimidation, abuse and fraud have no place in a democratic election. Some incidents were reported during the first round; this cannot be repeated in the second. Pressure on opposition supporters and voters is unacceptable; this is simply a matter of compliance with democratic standards and the norms of political decency.

The Georgian authorities have the duty to ensure peaceful and democratic elections on 30 October, and I call on all political forces to refrain from violence. With political success comes the responsibility to respect democratic rules. A full-fledged democracy entails the rights of the opposition and an independent justice system.”
The President of the EPP once again welcomed the decision taken by United National Movement’s political council and stated by the chairman of the party’s political council, David Bakradze, to take part in run offs and to take up seats in Parliament.
“A strong democratic opposition is vital for a vigorous democracy and the democratic future of Georgia. Pluralism in Georgia is at stake. UNM has a responsibility to its voters and to all Georgian citizens to be a solid opposition and to keep the government in check,” the EPP President added.
Joseph Daul also reiterated his support for UNM ahead of Sunday’s vote:
“We support UNM’s efforts to pursue a European path for Georgia, and we stand by UNM in its defence of the rule of law, its fight for media diversity and its efforts to combat corruption as ways to improve the lives of Georgian citizens. We wish all the best to UNM and success to all the party’s candidates

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