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EPP condemns Russia’s actions, calls on Greece to deliver on EU-Turkey deal, fully backs CETA agreement

EU and non-EU leaders of the European People’s Party (EPP) met in Maastricht ahead of today’s European Council. Russia’s involvement in Syria and eastern Ukraine, Greece’s incapacity to swiftly process asylum applications as agreed in the EU-Turkey deal and the pending trade deal with Canada were the main topics on the EPP’s Summit agenda.
“The EPP strongly condemns Russia’s ongoing attacks targeting innocent people, especially the latest inhuman attacks on Aleppo, as well as Russian support for the Syrian regime, which commits the same atrocities. These attacks contradict Russia’s claims to be seeking a diplomatic solution to the war. The inhuman bombings in Syria and the continuous destabilisation in eastern Ukraine must be stopped immediately and cannot remain unpunished. There will be consequences. We have to stand up for our values. No price is too high to defend them”, said EPP President Joseph DAUL.
EPP leaders also discussed again the migration issue and the different routes being used to reach Europe. In light of this situation, EPP leaders called on the Greek government to respect its commitments and increase its efforts to process asylum applications, as this is an important precondition for implementing the EU-Turkey deal. If Greece doesn’t deliver its part, the future of the EU-Turkey deal will be called into question. Moreover, Greece has to protect its border with Bulgaria.
Also in the context of migration, EPP leaders analysed future development in the African continent, the growth of its population and how to ensure greater economic progress. The EU should look into proposals which would allow people from Africa to have a better future at home.
Finally, the EPP strongly supported the EU-Canada trade agreement, known as CETA.
“The EPP family wholeheartedly supports the CETA agreement. Free trade with Canada, a very like-minded country which shares our values and standards, will boost the EU’s economy and lead to greater prosperity and more job opportunities for European citizens. EPP representatives in all EU institutions have worked hard to secure a deal which is not only free but fair, and in which no one is left behind”, concluded the President.

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