Improving the EU’s security: ALDE welcomes Commission’s proposals to foster military mobility

In order to further improve the EU’s security environment, the European Commission and the High Representative presented today a number of actions to further develop military mobility within the EU. The joint communication addresses the obstacles which are hindering the movement of military equipment and personnel across the EU at the moment and aims at maximising civil and military synergies also through the EU’s transport network in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Pavel Telička, ALDE MEP and TRAN coordinator, welcomed today’s communication:

„The communication by the Commission to improve military mobility within the EU is a timely and important proposal. Eliminating barriers hampering military mobility constitutes an important stepping-stone towards common military structures. In addition, improving transport infrastructure will also open up possibilities to create synergies between military and civilian use. The trans-European network for transport (TEN-T) already works at improving missing links and interoperability between different transport modes in the civilian sector. Further proposals should therefore build upon TEN-T in order to maximise benefits for both civilian and military use. It will also be important that the upcoming discussion on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – the key financing instrument in the transport sector – take this into account.”


Urmas Paet, ALDE MEP and EP rapporteur on European Defence Union, said:

“I consider moving closer to a military Schengen very crucial. It was also one of my proposals in the European Defence Union report. The EU military personnel and equipment should be able, when necessary, to move from one EU country to another without barriers, delays or bureaucracy.”



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