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Poland’s abortion law: Polish women win a battle

The ALDE Group in the European parliament welcomes the rejection today in the Polish parliament of the bill for an almost complete abortion ban. Today’s vote constitutes a victory for Polish women, whose determined fight has succeeded in convincing the Polish Sejm to abandon this dangerous and counterproductive legislation.Guy Verhofstadt, ALDE Group leader: “The rejection of this bill highlights the vibrancy of Polish society. I celebrate this victory with all Polish women. I am convinced Polish society will never cease to fight for freedom and democracy in their country”.

Sophie in ‘t Veld, first vice-president of the ALDE Group, added: “Thousands of Polish citizens protested against the anti-abortion law and for choice. Their voices must be heard, because let’s not forget the current Polish abortion law is one of the most restrictive in the European Union and it still does not give women and girls the choice. This debate is not about subsidiarity but about European values and those values should apply to all EU citizens, including Polish women and girls.”

Angelika Mlinar, ALDE coordinator of the FEMM committee in the European Parliament, added: “Today, we all won an important first battle. However, this fight goes on. We will continue to speak out in favour of women’s rights. The true victory will take place only when all EU Member States adopt legislation covering women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights”.

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