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S&Ds – Weekly Update. This week’s highlights and what’s coming up

Quote of the week by Gianni Pittella after his visit to Spain

A common progressive European platform is necessary if we are to relaunch the European project and to turn the European progressive forces into a real and co-ordinated alternative to the right-wing parties and the populist, anti-European and xenophobic forces. A common European platform based on a new social agenda with a fund for youth, common investments for growth, common fiscal rules to fight tax evasion, new common green-economy projects and a more democratic EU institutional governance. In other words, a Europe that European citizens can be proud of. A Europe with purpose, which is closer to citizens.
Past activities

During this past week our president has started his European tour, reaching out to all progressive leaders in the EU in order to rebuild a common progressive future. Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom were the first three stops on Gianni Pittella’s itinerary. France, Hungary, Greece, the Netherlands, Hungary and Germany will be the next countries our president will visit in the near future.

The plenary session taking place in Brussels next week will be one of our main points of focus in the coming days. Topics such as access to medicines and e-Democracy will be on the agenda for debate. We will also be focusing on the gender pay gap, and a debate is scheduled during the Plenary session on March 1st.

We are also getting ready for a series of events coming up in the next few months. A seminar on Labour Migration, the School of Democracy and an interesting Together event in Rome – just to name a few.
Upcoming activities

Equal treatment and rights for migrant workers (Labour Migration) is the event we will be organising on the 8th of March. Our MEPs Udo Bullmann, Brando Benifei, Javi López and Marita Ulvskog will be joining the debate with European specialists. Should you wish to join this event, you can register online.

Alongside our sister organisations, we also getting ready for our next #EuropeTogether event. It is scheduled to take place in Rome on 24 March, just one day before we celebrate 60 years since the signing of the Treaty of Rome. Follow our site for upcoming details!

One of the events we are looking forward to in the following months is the third edition of the School of Democracy. The event will take place in April, in Reggio Emilia, Italy and we are looking forward to meeting 100 young democrats aged 18 to 25 from Europe and beyond in order to start a debate on the most important topics our Union is facing, both within and outside its borders.

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