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SOTEU: Time to unite and stand by our values

The President of the European People’s Party, Joseph DAUL, praises European Commission President Jean Claude JUNCKER‘s honest assessment of the current state of the union and joins calls for unity and implementation of solutions to our common challenges.
“We are going through unprecedented times in which questions about the future of Europe continue to arise. Brexit, migration, unemployment and security have taken their toll on the EU’s confidence. But today is not the time to dwell on the past. We must look to the future instead to ensure that we leave our younger generations with a better Europe than the one we have today.
We must aim to turn our challenges into opportunities, selfishness into solidarity –balanced with responsibility– and divisions into unity. Now is the time to step boldly ahead as 27.
We must return to our people a Europe that is stronger, more prosperous and more secure. And while we strive ahead, we must protect and preserve our European way of life and rebuild our union without compromising our values. Freedom, democracy, equality, respect for human dignity and human rights, the rule of law: These are our core European values and must remain inviolable. We must also put in place a true Social Market Economy for every EU citizen, one in which no one is left behind.
Every one of us must strive to explain Europe better to our people in order to unmask the populists’ cheap rhetoric and empty promises. We must bring Brussels closer to the national levels and, at the same time, bring people’s concerns to Brussels. Decisions must be taken at the level closest to the citizen. Internal bickering should be replaced with concrete solutions, finger-pointing with action. To this extent, President Juncker’s proposal to increase closer collaboration between EU Commissioners and national parliaments is a step in the right direction,” said the EPP President.
“EU citizens expect concrete solutions that will respond to their fears and concerns. In this regard, we fully stand by President Juncker’s new proposals to extend investment opportunities through the successful Investment Plan; to create a more social Europe; to improve our defence cooperation and to better secure our borders, as the EPP has already called for last year in Madrid; to create a European solidarity corps for young people; and to continue integrating our digital single market by connecting Europe via a full 5G deployment.
The newly proposed investment fund for Africa reasserts Europe’s role in the world. Both continents must work together to tackle the root causes of migration and to increase the safety of citizens. The EPP has always been the party of solutions, and I am glad to see the Juncker Commission bringing results.”
“Today, more than ever, we have to preserve our Union’s successes and build on them together with our citizens. Europe belongs to its people; as always, the EPP, together with our member parties and associations, will take up the role of defending our European values and reviving the European dream,” concluded EPP President Daul.

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