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Syria: EU must do more to stop the atrocities

Guy Verhofstadt, President of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats Group in the European Parliament, strongly supports this statement by the EU28 and the EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, but calls for tougher EU measures to now be put in place to reign in indiscrimimate Russian and Syrian operations.

Commenting today Mr. Verhofstadt said: “As yet more horrific images of human suffering continue to emerge from Aleppo, its clear the EU should be doing much more to ensure that Russian-Syrian military forces end their indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and agree a cessation of hostilities on humanitarian grounds.”
“The joint position issued by EU Member States on Syria is welcome, but it is toothless. Federica Mogherini calls for an immediate halt to the fighting in Aleppo, without proposing any strategy to deliver this. The question therefore remains; how does the EU intend to ensure the Russian Government respects the commitments it has made?”

“If we really want to ensure the full implementation of the Geneva Communiqué and relevant UNSC Resolutions, credible pressure must be applied to the Russian Government. Sanctions against Russia, linked to adherence to UNSC resolutions in Syria, should be the first step.The EU must move beyond the occasional press statement and instead start to deliver operational policies; Putin and Assad must pay for their barbarism. ”

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