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UNM – the best democratic choice for a European Georgia

Ahead of Georgian parliamentary elections on 8 October, the President of the European People’s Party (EPP), Joseph Daul, is conveying a message of support to EPP member party United National Movement (UNM):
“Following the Rose Revolution in 2003, I am proud to attribute to UNM the success of turning Georgia from a failed and corrupt state into a flourishing democracy. It was UNM who initiated the much-needed reforms to put in place the rule of law, to fight against corruption and to ensure an independent justice system.
UNM has succeeded in laying out a firm European path for Georgia; the party’s commitment to European values is undeniable. The EPP was and remains a strong supporter of the Georgian people’s European aspirations and counts on UNM as the main political force capable of achieving this goal,” said EPP President Joseph Daul.
“As election day draws closer, the EPP calls on the Georgian authorities to ensure that the upcoming elections are free, fair and peaceful. We will condemn any violence and intimidation directed towards the opposition or any other political force. The violent act which took place on Tuesday night against the UNM representative has no place in a democracy. The ruling party must guarantee the plurality of media and a free and independent press. Just as UNM respected the election results and peacefully handed over power in 2012, the EPP expects that the current government will show the same responsible, mature behaviour in accordance with the results of the upcoming elections.
I wish UNM in these last few days a fruitful campaign, and I hope Georgia chooses on 8 October parliamentarians who will put their country’s interest above their private interests and who will act for the well-being and prosperity of their citizens.
I hope democracy will win this upcoming Saturday — with a strong UNM ahead in the polls,” concluded the EPP President.

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