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We stand by Munich

Following the brutal attack in Munich yesterday, the President of the European People’s Party,Joseph Daul, made the following statement:

“I strongly condemn the heinous attack yesterday in Munich. My thoughts are with the families of the victims and I wish a prompt recovery to the wounded. In these enduring times, we must remain united to counter hatred and violence. In the face of barbarity, Munich acted in unison. The solidarity demonstrated by the Munich citizens and the Bavarian government that offer shelter to persons in danger showed how a community can overcome such a tragedy.

We stand by Munich and Germany which faced its second attack in a few days after the horrific event in the train inWürzburg. As the capital of Bavaria demonstrated, the European Union must oppose terror and violence by abiding to its values.

Our determination to fight any form of violence is unwavering. We will not let lone attackers shatter our freedom and our way of life. The EPP supports measures for mandatory exchange of information between intelligence services and initiatives to counter extremism and hatred. Our societies have no place for savagery.”

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